Veterinary Clinical Drug Information Monographs

The following monographs were developed by the USP in conjunction with the Veterinary Drug Expert Committee.

Veterinary Anthelmintic Monographs

Epsiprantel (Oral-Local) (62KB)
Macrocyclic Lactones (Systemic) (1.1MB)
Melarsomine (Systemic) (61KB)
Tetrahydropyrimidines (Oral-Local) (406KB)

Veterinary Antibiotic Monographs

Aminoglycosides (Systemic) (502KB)
Aminopenicillins (Intramammary-Local) (37KB)
Aminopenicillins (Systemic) (105KB)
Amoxicillin and Clavulanate (Systemic) (72KB)
Cephalosporins (Systemic) (370KB)
Cephapirin (Intramammary-Local) (39KB)
Chloramphenicol (Systemic) (92KB)
Erythromycin (Intramammary-Local) (31KB)
Florfenicol (Systemic) (164KB)
Fluoroquinolones (Systemic) (339KB)
Lincosamides (Systemic) (121KB)
Macrolides (Systemic) (375KB)
Metronidazole (Systemic) (116KB)
Penicillin G (Intramammary-Local) (36KB)
Penicillin G (Systemic) (320KB)
Pirlimycin (Intramammary-Local) (34KB)
Potentiated Sulfonamides (Systemic) (285KB)
Pyrimethamine (Systemic) (76KB)
Rifampin (Systemic) (179KB)
Spectinomycin (Systemic) (124KB)
Sulfonamides (Systemic) (224KB)
Tetracyclines (Systemic) (236KB)

Veterinary Anti-inflammatory Monographs

Aspirin (Systemic) (496KB)
Carprofen (Systemic) (203KB)
Corticosteroids (Systemic) (1.3MB)
Deracoxib (Systemic) (213KB)
Etodolac (Systemic) (270KB)
Firocoxib (Systemic) (130KB)
Flunixin (Systemic) (99KB)
Ketoprofen (Systemic) (508KB)
Meloxicam (Systemic) (259KB)
Phenylbutazone (Systemic) (451KB)
Tepoxalin (Systemic) (226KB)

Veterinary Compounded Medication Monographs

Bromide (Systemic) (172KB)
Cisapride (Systemic) (306KB) *
Diethylstilbestrol (Systemic) (89KB) *
Methimazole (Systemic) (191KB) *
Methylene Blue (Systemic) (150KB) *
Pergolide (Systemic) (317KB) *

*Monograph file titles with this symbol contain evidence tables and ratings. Look for links in the Indications or Dosages section that will take you to the tables, or click on the evidence table bookmarks.

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