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10th Annual Food Animal Medicine Conference
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10th Annual Food Animal Medicine Conference:
The Use of Drugs in Food Animals

Entire proceedings - (9.5 MB)

Table of Contents 

Proceedings by session: 

Session I: Clinical Pharmacology of Drugs Use in Food Animal Medicine 

Richard Teske: Towards the responsible use of veterinary drugs
H. Dwight Mercer: Residue avoidance: withdrawal times for drugs not labeled for food animals
Lloyd E. Davis: Life after chloramphenicol: therapeutic agents which may fill the void
John A. E. Hubbell: Analgesics and anesthetics in the food animal
Joseph J. Kowalski: Use of culture and susceptibility in directing therapy
William L. Jenkins: Concurrent use of glucocorticoids and antimicrobial drugs in the treatment of infectious diseases in large animals
H. Alison Gibbs: The use of antiprostaglandins in respiratory disease in cattle
S.M. McGuirk: Fluid therapy in food animals
L.R. Bramlage: Indications for antibiotic therapy in the treatment of infections of bones and joints 

Session II: Reproductive Pharmacology 

Walter R. Threllfall: Treatment of reproductive tract infections by uterine infusion
Borje K. Gustafsson: Systemic therapy of reproductive tract infection
Tye J. Henschen: Use of hormones in estrus control and therapy of infertility
Myron D. Brown: The postpartum use of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) to improve reproductive efficiency in the dairy cow
Borje K. Gustafsson: Therapy of uterine infections: alternatives to antibiotics 

Session III: Mammary Pharmacology 

Daniel A. Gingerich: Pharmacokinetics of drugs used for therapy of the mammary gland
Gareth A. Moore: Mastitis therapy: the problem case 

Session IV: Gastrointestinal Pharmacology 

Thomas E. Chapman: Acute urea toxicity in ruminants
Robert H. Whitlock: Therapeutic strategies involving antimicrobial therapy of the gastrointestinal tract in large animals
Roger K. Pritchard: Use of antiparasitic drugs in ruminants
Rainer K. Muser: Use of antiparasitic drugs in swine
D. Michael Rings: Ketosis
Robert D. Simmons: Oral rehydration therapy in neonatal calves and pigs 

Session V: Respiratory Pharmacology 

William L. Jenkins: Principles of antibacterial therapy of bronchopneumonia in cattle
C. A. Hjerpe: Treatment regimens for feedlot cattle with bronchopneumonia and fibrinous pneumonia
Joseph S. McCracken and Vincent T. Scialli: Bovine interferon: an application of recombinant DNA technology 

Session VI: Growth Promotants 

Robert J. Grant: An overview of growth promotants
Wallace E. Brandt: Veterinary aspects of ionophores in feedlot cattle
Robert L. Botts and James F.S. Reid: Utilization of naturally occurring hormones in beef production

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