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4th Biennial (1984) Proceedings
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4th Biennial (1984) Proceedings

Entire proceedings - (14,514 KB)

Table of Contents

Proceedings by author:

J. F. Amend: Effects of monensin on cardiac and erythrocyte function in ponies
C. L. Barton: Current chemotherapeutic management of small animal neoplasia
R. J. Bywater: Clavulanate-potentiated amoxycillin
R. J. Bywater: Treatment of diarrheal disease in calves
G. L. Coppoc: Mechanisms of resistance to antineoplastic drugs
T. M. Craig: Current approaches to internal parasite control in food animals
L. M. Crawford: The regulation of veterinary pharmaceuticals and biologicals - Quo vadis?
L. E. Davis: Veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics - Quo vadis?
J. A. DiPietro: Current approaches to internal parasite control in horses
J. T. Doluisio: Therapeutic uses and clinical features of novel drug delivery systems
T. Houston, S. Chay, W. E. Woods, J. W. Blake, and T. Tobin: Phenylbutazone levels in post-racing samples from horses racing in Kentucky: a review
F. Kernan: Veterinary pharmacy - Quo vadis?
K. W. Knauer: Therapeutic management of cardiovascular disorders in small animals
G. D. Koritz: Pharmacokinetic features in the ruminant
D. F. Kowalczyk, J. Beech and D. Littlejohn: Pharmacokinetic disposition of theophylline in horses
J. W. McGinity: Novel drug delivery systems
W. W. Muir: Pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of antiarrhythmic drugs
W. W. Muir and R. A. Sams: Drugs used to treat cardiovascular disease in horses
J. W. Paul: Kinetic fate of anthelmintics and therapeutic implications
L. S. Rivkin: Computerized management of a veterinary pharmacy telecommunications (at end of document)
E. L. Roberson: Current approaches to internal parasite control in small animals
S. P. Stephen: The impact of federal and state regulations on the management of veterinary pharmacy
T. R. Tams: Newer concepts in gastrointestinal therapeutics in small animals
P. R. Vulliet: Biochemical response of the sympatho-adrenal axis
R. H. Whitlock: Therapeutic management of gastrointestinal disorders in the horse

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