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5th Biennial (1986) Proceedings
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5th Biennial (1986) Proceedings

Entire proceedings - (16,853 KB)

Table of Contents

Proceedings by section:

Section I - Smooth Muscle Pharmacology

John F. Burka: Use of airway smooth muscle to evaluate anti-inflammatory and anti-asthmatic agents
Jerome H. Fleisch: Actions of leukotriene agonists and antagonists on smooth muscle
P. D. Conlon: Impairment of homeostasis in airway smooth muscle by pulmonary infection

Section II - Eicosanoids

Dawn Merton Boothe, Lynn G. Friedlander and William L. Jenkins: Eicosanoids: A selective update
P. Lees, A. D. Sedwick, A. J. Higgins, and J. B. O. Taylor: Role and control of eicosanoid in acute non-immune inflammation in the equine
Lloyd N. Fleisher: Eicosanoids and ocular inflammation

Section III - Calcium Channel Blockers

Mark D. Kittleson: Calcium channel blocking drugs in cardiology: clinical aspects
Robert L. Hamlin: Clinical and experimental studies with verapamil in the dog
Mark D. Kittleson, Bruce W. Keene, and Jerry A. Woodfield: The acute therapy of supraventricular tachycardia with verapamil

Section IV - Research Session

K. J. Varma, P. E. Adams, R. D. Lobell, J. F. Lamendola, J. W. Houdeshell, and T. E. Powers: Pharmacokinetics of florfenicol in veal calves and its in vitro antibacterial activity
Scott Anthony Brown and Gordon L. Coppoc: Tissue residues of aminoglycoside antibiotics in sheep
P. D. Pion, J. Babish, W. Schwark, and W. Hornbuckle: Pharmacokinetics and electrocardiographic effects of verapamil in the cat
M. J. Novotny, M. H. Laughlin, and H. R. Adams: Endotoxic shock in the dog: effects of allopurinol, catalase, and superoxide dismutase
Judith K. Gwathmey and James P. Morgan: Subcellular mechanisms of inotropic agents
G. G. Knowlen and M. D. Kittleson: Drug trials in spontaneous cardiomyopathy in dogs: problems and solutions

Section V - Oxygen Free Radicals

Olen R. Brown: Biology of oxygen radicals: an overview
Matthew B. Grisham: Oxidative mechanisms of neutrophil-mediated cytotoxicity
Ronald J. Korthuis: Ischemia-reperfusion injury: role of oxygen radicals

Section VI - Future Developments in the Pharmaceutical Industry

David F. Kowalczyk: Peptide pharmaceuticals
Bruce A. Peters, William I. Cox, and Kent Van Campen: Immunopharmacology: biological response modifiers (BRMs)
L. A. Babiuk, M. J. P. Lawman, G. A. Gifford, and H. Bielefeldt Ohmann: Interferon: an application of recombinant DNA technology in bovine respiratory disease
Judi Weissinger: Advances in pharmacologic applications at the Center for Veterinary Medicine

Section VII - Teaching Veterinary Pharmacology

Lloyd E. Davis and Arthur L. Aronson: Teaching veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics for the next decade
Charles R. Short and Carl E. Aronson: Teaching pharmacology and toxicology as basic sciences in the veterinary medical curriculum
P. Lees: Teaching and research in veterinary pharmacology and therapeutics in the United Kingdom during the next decade
Jeff R. Wilcke: Development of clinical pharmacology over the next decade
Glen F. Hoffsis: The need to change our approach to teaching of therapeutics in the food animal sector

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