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6th Biennial (1988) Proceedings
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6th Biennial (1988) Proceedings

Entire proceedings - (11,131 KB)

Table of Contents

Proceedings by section (authors listed below each section):

Section I -The Impact of Animals Drugs on Food Safety and Quality

Gary D. Koritz: Drug Disposition and Pharmacokinetic Considerations for Food Safety
Jerry M. Carosella: Current Dimensions of Bacterial Contamination Problems
B. I. Osborn: Opportunities in Veterinary Education for Improving Food Safety and Quality
Edward M. Convey: Strategies to Increase Meat Yield and Reduce Fat/Cholesterol
Alexander MacDonald: Opportunities and Responsibilities for Rapid Detection Systems

Section II - Analytical Methodologies

Richard L. Ellis: Analytical Detection Systems: Present and Future
M. A. Norcross, A. R. Post, and W. R. Miller: Analytical Methodologies for Establishing Residue Control
C. Greg Guyer: Multiresidue Methods: Chemical Assays
John J. O'Rangers: Biochemical Assays for Residue Analysis
Steven A. Barker, Austin R. Long, and Charles R. Short: A New Approach to Tissue Residue Analyses

Section III - Veterinary and Comparative Pharmacology

William L. Jenkins: Basic and Clinical Pharmacology in the Professional Curriculum: Current Trends and Future Trends
Arthur L. Aronson: Pharmacology Teaching Laboratories: Use of Animals and/or Information Technologies
J. Edmond Riviere: Integration of Pharmacology Research and Graduate Training
Thomas E. Powers: Pharmacology as a Basis of Knowledge for Postgraduate (Residency) Training and Continuing Education

Section IV - The Role of Computers

Richard B. Talbot: Role of Computers in Managing Information for Pharmacology Teaching and Research: Medical Informatics
Stephen F. Sundlof, J. Edmond Riviere, and Arthur L. Craigmill: Coping with the Information Explosion in Pharmacology: The Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank
J. Edmond Riviere: Development of an Automated Clinical Pharmacokinetic Dosing Program for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Veterinary Medicine
Jeff Wilcke, Carl Osborne, and Neal Bataller: PharmTools: A Computer Technique for Pharmacokinetic Modeling and Replacement of Teaching Animals
Gordon L. Coppoc: Future Applications of Computer Technology in Pharmacology: Roles for Artificial Intelligence, Hypertext, Networking, and Interactive Video

Section V - The First Decade of AAVPT

Lloyd E. Davis: Veterinary and Comparative Pharmacology: A Personal Philosophy
Charles R. Short: Historical Notes on the AAVPT Years 1976-1981
Thomas E. Powers: History of American Academy of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, 1981-1983
Carl E. Aronson: Reflections on the Years 1983-1985 During the First Decade of the AAVPT
William L. Jenkins: The First Decade of the American Academy of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics: THe 1985-1987 Era
J. F. Burka: A New Frontier in Veterinary and Comparative Pharmacology: Aquatic Species
Richard H. Teske: New Frontiers in Veterinary and Comparative Pharmacology for Regulatory Agencies
John W. Paul: New Frontiers in Veterinary and Comparative Pharmacology for Industry
Peter Eyre: New Frontiers in Veterinary and Comparative Pharmacology for Academia

Section VI - Graduate Student Reports

Shelly L. Vaden and J. Edmond Riviere: Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and subacute toxicity of cyclosporine-A (CyA) in pigs
J.-M. Yang, T. J. Wechman, H.-H. Tai, C. A. Prange and T. Tobin: ELISA and RIA detection of fentanyl in the horse
Jean-Luc Riond and J. Edmond Riviere: Binding of doxycycline to plasma albumin of several species
Robert P. Hunter, S. Anthony Brown, and A. N. Baird: Effects of iloprost on the pharmacokinetics and renal disposition of cyclosporine in sheep
Thomas Wood, Tim Weckman, and Thomas Tobin: Operant conditioning in the horse: a method of detecting subtle changes in behavior
T. J. Weckman, S. G. Kamerling, D. J. DeQuick, and T. Tobin: Differential effects of mu and kappa narcotic agonists in the horse
D. J. Dreyfuss, J. A. Orsini, and C. Ramberg: Pharmacokinetics of vancomycin chloride in the horse following intravenous infusion
D. I. Alexander, P. Eyre, J. P. Burger, and W. D. Black: The in vitro responsiveness of the equine digital artery and vein: evidence for the etiology of laminitis
G. J. Tessier, P. J. Wolters, S. M. O'Grady, and M. S. Kannan: Secretion in equine airways
T. E. Goetz, I. J. Munsiff, and B. C. McKiernan: Pharmacokinetic disposition of an immediate release aminophylline and a sustained release theophylline formulation in adult horses
L. A. Blackford, A. L. Golden, J. M. Bright, R. M. Bright, and R. E. Gompf: Capropril provides sustained hemodynamic benefits in dogs with experimentally induced mitral regurgitation
Dawn Merton Boothe, W. L. Jenkins, Scott A. Brown, and Dale Weise: Disposition kinetics of intravenously administered caffeine in dogs with acute liver disease
H. A. N. El-Fawal and M. Ehrich: Early pharmacological and electrophysiological changes following exposure to organophosphates inducing delayed neuropathy (OPIDN)

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