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8th Biennial (1992) Proceedings
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8th Biennial (1992) Proceedings

 New Frontiers in Pharmacology Entire proceedings - (10,616 KB)

Table of Contents

Proceedings by author:

Crispus Bassude: Human risk assessment of beta adrenoceptor agonist use in food-producing animals
Pete Bill: Using game theory to design problem-solving exercises
John Burka: Mark Powell, Lucy Huntsman, David Speare and Glenda Wright: Eosinophilic granule cells of salmonids: a potential target for anti-inflammatory therapy?
Lisa Butler, Dawn Boothe and Harry Boothe: Effects of vena cava banding on portal blood flow in experimentally-induced multiple portosystemic shunts
Duncan Ferguson: Strategies for continuing education in clinical pharmacology
Carolyn Friedman: Chemotherapeutics in shellfish: potential uses and limitations
Daniel Gingerich: Pharmacologic characterization of anti-inflammatory factors in milk
Robert Hamlin: New drugs and new uses for old drugs in cardiovascular therapy
Mark Heit and Jim Riviere : Predicting the in vivo transdermal iontophoretic delivery of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH) using the isolated perfused porcine skin flap
Gerald Johnson: The salmomid industry and drug delivery problems
Kevin Kleinow: Drug disposition in fish
Francis Law: A physiologically-based pharmacokinetic model of oxytetracycline for salmonids
Alfred Legendre: Itraconazole - a new antifungal drug
Sudarshan Malik: Regulation of generic drugs
Donald Rainnie: Experiences and challenges in studies towards the approval of drugs for fish
Leonard Ritter and Richard Burnett : Assessment of carcinogenicity
Wayne Schwark: Teaching an elective course and rounds in clinical pharmacology
Dana Stoffregen, Jim Chacko, Steven Backman and John Babish: Successful therapy of furunculosis in Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar L.) using fluoroquinolone antimicrobial enrofloxacin
Meg Thorburn and Gary Teare : Chemotherapeutic use in the Ontario trout industry
Ronald Thune: An overview of channel catfish culture with associated disease and treatment considerations
William Tranquilli: New drugs in anesthesia
Calvin Walker and Steven Barker: Extraction and enzyme immunoassay of sulfadimethoxine residues in channel catfish muscle

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