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9th Biennial (1994) Proceedings
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9th Biennial (1994) Proceedings

Veterinary Pharmacology in the Pharmaceutical Industry Entire proceedings - (11,641 KB)

Table of Contents

Proceedings by author:

Hugh Black: What it takes to get human health compounds to market - development of a new pharmaceutical for use in man
Scott A. Brown: Veterinary pharmacology in animal health drug development
Gordon Brumbaugh: How academia participates with animal health industries post-approval marketing
Charles Courtney: How academia participates with animal health industries development
William Donahue: Ectoparasiticides
David Espeseth: United States Department of Agriculture regulatory requirements and guidelines
Bruce Ewald: Animal welfare
Jiunn Lin: Veterinary pharmacology in human health discovery research - the use of laboratory animals in pharmaceutical research: species similarities and differences in pharmacokinetics
Randy Lynn: Veterinary pharmacology in marketing animal health pharmaceuticals
Marilyn Martinez: Veterinary pharmacology in human health drug development - the relationship between veterinary pharmacology and human therapeutics
John McCall: Participation by academia in discovery and development of products by the animal health industry
J. G. Owens: Comparative anti-inflammatory effects of ketoprofen and phenylbutazone in a model of equine synovitis
Leonard Ritter: Canadian agency guidelines
Jim Riviere: Maintaining academic creativity in industry-related research
Edward Robb: Good Clinical Practices - study requirements for animal health drug approval
Donald Sawyer: New developments in veterinary and human pharmacology analgesics/anesthetics
Wes Shoop and Helmut Mrozik: Veterinary pharmacology in animal health discovery - structure and activity of avermectins and milbemycins in animal health
Lorraine Sordillo, Danny Lewis: Immunomodulator; and Controlled release microspheres for veterinary applications
Stephen Sutherland: FDA-CVM drug approval process
Richard H. Teske: How can more compounds be brought to market? (At end of the linked document)
K. J. Varma: What it takes to get animal health pharmaceutical compounds to the market
J. L. Ward and G. W. C. Sharp: Serotonin (5-HT) and chloride secretion in the rabbit small intestine in vitro
Judi Weissinger: GLP

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