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AAVPT Committees
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All committee chairs have the authority to appoint membership (within the Academy) to their committee. The names of committee members so appointed are to be provided by the Chairs to the President of the Academy.

Finance and Budget Committee

1. Advise and assist the officers and councilors with regard to the financial planning and management required to support and carry out the objectives of the Academy as stated in the Constitution.
2. Review the investment portfolio of the Academy and make specific recommendations to the officers accordingly.
3. Audit the financial records of the Academy after each change of administration.
4. Make recommendations concerning the setting of membership dues and initiation fees. Specifically, address the issue of an AAVPT dues increase in light of JVPT costs and possible secretarial help.

The Secretary-Treasurer and the Comptroller are ex officio members of the committee.

Membership and Bylaws Committee

Membership subcommittee:

1. Evaluate the composition of membership in the Academy relative to the objectives stated in the Constitution and the appropriateness of current membership status for each member. Encourage members to revise status accordingly.
2. Recruit new members by making all eligible veterinary pharmacologists aware of our organizations, its activities, and objectives.
3. Assist the Secretary-Treasurer in timely processing of applications for membership, review by Council, and voting by Fellows of the Academy.

By-laws subcommittee:

1. Thoroughly review the Constitution and By-laws of the Academy and make recommendations regarding any amendments necessary.
2. Assist the Secretary-Treasurer in presenting proposed amendments to the Council and to the voting membership of the Academy according to the Constitution.

Program Committee

1. Plan and organize special symposia and other meetings held under the auspices of the Academy.
2. Coordinate the organization of scientific programs sponsored by the Academy in collaboration with other interest groups.
3. Work with industry, regulators and other professional groups to develop self-supporting, entire programs in veterinary pharmacology for presentation at state, local, or other veterinary society meetings.
4. Recruit volunteers from the membership willing to serve as speakers on pharmacology topics and contact other groups to notify them of speaker availability.
5. Explore ways of increasing the visibility of the Academy to the veterinary profession, industry and governmental agencies.
6. Serve as liaison between the Academy and other groups such as our sister specialty board the American College of Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology (ACVCP), the European Association of Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology (EAVPT), etc.

Long Range Planning Committee

1. Assess the resources and direction of current activities of the Academy in light of its objectives as stated in the Constitution.
2. Make recommendations to Council regarding changes in structure, direction, funding, etc., to enable the Academy to fulfill its objectives in the future. Specifically, address the issues of an AAVPT dues increase in light of JVPT costs and possible secretarial help. Also, consider means to maintain and strengthen ties between AAVPT and ACVCP.

Drug Availability and Food Safety Committee

1. Participate in dialog with regulatory agencies on request regarding development of policy affecting drug availability, residues and food safety.
2. Identify issues of concern in the use of drugs in animals, especially food-producing animals, and work with appropriate organizations toward their resolution.

Education Committee

1. Hold regular meetings to promote dialog on curricular content among Colleges and Schools of Veterinary Medicine in teaching veterinary pharmacology.
2. Explore application of information technologies to teaching veterinary pharmacology.
3. Establish a peer-review group to review innovative teaching materials.
4. Establish appropriate liaison with other groups such as CONVINCE and AAVMC involved with the education of veterinary students.
5. Maintain a web site providing information concerning the AAVPT.

Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology & Therapeutics Editorial Board

AAVPT Newsletter Committee

1. Publish a newsletter to communicate official notices, reports and other information to the general membership. The newsletter is a forum through which members are able to share their views on various topics with other members.
2. Periodically forward copies of the newsletter for archiving.

Awards Committee

1. Select recipient(s) of awards by the Academy under the rules and guidelines set forth for each award. These currently include Teaching, Research, Service, Graduate Student, and Lloyd E. Davis Awards.
2. Seek funding to support such awards

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